QAI CSQA sample paper – 3

CSQA Subjective questions sample paper –3

Q1. Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) defines one of the roles of a leader as establishing a vision. You know that a vision must be expressed in terms external to the organization, and define the organization ideally would like to accomplish. You have asked your IT director to develop a vision for the function. He tells you that the IT-function already has a mission, and his vision is to accomplish that mission. How do you explain to your director the difference between a vision and a mission?

Q2. ‘Zero defects’ Do you agree? Explain with examples and reasons.

Q3. Your operational department encounters production defect at the rate of 3 defects pre 1000 lines of code. During a vendor meet you come across another company ABC that is of the same size of yours and in the same industry. This company’s production defect is 2 defects per 1000 lines of code. Can you conclude that the ABC operation department is better that yours? Can you use this for benchmarking?

Q4. Dr. Deming’s 11th principle states no numerical goals. To abide the law your company has to pay tax and payroll charges every year. Does this contradict 11th principle? Explain it.

Q5. You are appointed QA Manager and your Director / Management wants you to do the testing and QC review. How would you convince your IT Director / Management that this is not your responsibility as a QA Manager.

Q6. You are a QA manager in the Software Quality Assurance team that has prescribed a set of processes and procedures to be followed by the project team whenever a modified code / patch / application is released to the client.
Project Manager informs you that a release is required urgently by an important client. He says, all the steps in the procedure prescribed have been followed but due to time constraints each step is covered only to the extent of 35-40%. And, the client needs the release in the next 2 hours itself.
What will be your decision. Allow or not to allow the release? Explain it with proper reason.

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