QAI CSQA sample paper – 2

CSQA Subjective questions sample paper –2

Q 1. In order to bring about improvement in the testing process and help your team members come up with guidelines on
a) How to stop testing?
b) When to stop Testing?
c) How to test with constraint on resources?

Q 2. You are the project leader for the team and the team members are fresh from colleges. During the reviews and testing they are finding a lot defects but they are not reporting all of them for the fear that would reflect in there performance appraisals. How do you handle this type of situations and improve the quality?

Q3. You as a QC person, what type of test end report will you prepare for the PL of the concerned project? What will you report and why?

Q4. You are the new IS Manager of an investment company. Your team needs to develop an online trading system within 2 months with no increase in team size. An online (buy / sell) transaction has to be completed within 2 seconds and the online search should not take more than 5 seconds. How should you approach this to get the software developed with the best quality and within schedule?

Q5. A new team member has joined the project and he has to prepare Unit Test plan for the module. He says that he would prepare UT after completing the code development. As the Project Leader would you agree with this? Explain.
Q6. You are passing by the cubicle of Broadcast project manager, Mr. Paul and you overhead him talking to him on the phone.

Mr. Paul was talking to his client “OK, Initially we planned about 25% efforts to be spent in System Testing but As you know we slipped the Design by 5% so I promise you I would adjust this efforts in System Test by reducing the System Test efforts- instead of 25% – we will now plan for 20%.By doing so I am still hopeful to meet delivery deadlines.
You guessed that Mr. Paul is negotiating the System Test efforts. What would be your action points to Convince Mr. Paul.

Q7. Paul had just finished meeting System Testing people. He seems to be upset. He held a meeting to find out the status of Testing and basically wanted to know how many Faults were Fixed in the Previous build 3.0. The Test Team Leader was away, so he could get hold of 4 testers.
- Two Testers said. We have tested the build 3.0 and there are no showstopper Faults.
- The Other Tester said – we Tested 3.0 Thoroughly and we could find some problems.
Apparently, Paul got confused and wanted to know what really is happening. He asked the Test Team leader who joined late in the meeting. He asked him the same question. The Test Team leader said: we have tested the Build 3.0 and there were many show stopper issues.
Paul could not make anything and just came out of the meeting. Paul feels that there should be some system to get the correct status of Testing.
What kind of approach you will take to eliminate these kind of problems?

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