QAI CSQA sample paper – 1

CSQA Subjective questions sample paper – 1

1. A help desk in a network control organization received the following problems during a day and the network administrator resolved them as follows:
  • Terminal Keyboard locked
  • Terminal 123x is hung
  • Terminal shows no cursor on the screen
  • Unable to start a session
  • Unable to print from e-mail
  • Terminal 324x can’t access menu
You have been assigned to lead a quality improvement team to improve the help desk process. Briefly describe the steps in your quality improvement process, then briefly execute theses steps to illustrate the execution of each step. As you execute your quality improvement process steps, perform any analysis needed and indicate any conclusion/ recommendations that result from your analysis.
At a minimum, you should define and quantify the problem(s), suggest a cause and a solution to the problem needed.

Q2. Where do you think the usual mistakes in a software development cycle arise from?

Q3. What are the 4 phases of team building? How will you solve the problems those will appear in the team building process? 

Q4. The managers are of the opinion that the team shall not perform reviews on the products they produce, but have external persons doing it to have additional checks on their team’s work. Also, this would help ease project pressure. How would you react and why?

Q5. Identify the internal customers and their relevant work product(s) in each stage of SDLC other than the final/end user.

Q6. A potential customer of your organization requires software that can be provided only with new tools/technology, not currently available in your organization. Your management has decided to accept the contract. How should the project be planned for successful completion?

Q7. Give Suitable metrics for
  • Usability
  • Defects
  • Maintainability
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Software Reliability
  • Completeness of testing
  • Process Quality
  • Product Quality
  • Management’s Commitment to Quality
  • Training
  • Scalability Portability

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