Test Analyst Sample Question Set 2

Test Analyst Sample Question Set 2

1. How many test cases are required for minimum criterion classification tree coverage in the following scenario? (K3)
A fabric manufacturer has decided to launch a new range of handkerchiefs. As well
as the traditional white, they will also offer cream, brown and  blue in the range.
The standard border finishing will be  the plain edge, with the option to order an
embroidered edge. The size of the thread available is 12, 14, 16 or 18 stitch equivalent.
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

2. You are asked to determine impact for a defect in the disposition stage.
Which information from the following list is the most appropriate to use? (K4)
A. Anomaly description
B. Suspect cause
C. Organisation
D. Priority
E. Severity
F. Actual cause
G. Disposition

a) A, E, F, G
b) B, C, D, G
c) A, D, E
d) D, E, G

3. Determine the most appropriate severity for the incident to be raised for the following test case result. The system under test is the core system for a bank used for all customer transactions. The report under test is a summary for management of all transactions that day. (K4)

Test Case ID Report_004 Priority High
Test Case
Check transaction summary report produced
Test Steps
Step ID Step Action Expected Result Actual Result
Step 1 Get list of today’s
transactions from
List of all transactions from today Got list
Step 2 Run batch Batch completes
and summary report
No errors. Report
Step 3 Check values on
Values should match
list from database
Fail. Discrepancy between database list and report.
The database is correct.
Test Conditions
ID Name Priority
12 Transaction summary report produced by batch run Medium
62 Transaction summary report lists all transactions High
Severity 1 The defect prevents the complete or majority part of the system from
Severity 2 The defect prevents a major business function from working.
Severity 3 The defect prevents a major function of the system but has an effective
Severity 4 The defect prevents a mirror function of the system.

a) Severity 1
b) Severity 2
c) Severity 3
d) Severity 4


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